Sunday, July 4, 2010

Going Vegan, Cheesus Saves!

As part of my ongoing journal of converting to veganism, I have to share my trip to the grocery store today and the bountiful Vegan Cheesus I encountered.

I mentioned that the last animal product I truly had to give up was cheese.  Well, behold!  Vegan cheese!  I found out about this Daiya stuff from some co-workers last week and went to check it out.

My opinion?  80% there.  It's not perfect, but the texture is accurate and it does taste like cheese.  It definitely satisfied my itch.  In fact, I would say it's like most of the vegetarian meats I started eating when I became a vegetarian: by itself you can tell that it's imitation, but when you start compounding it with other foods (like tortillas, habanero, and garlic) it's hard to notice a difference.  My first project?  Quesadilla!  Yum!

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