Sunday, August 8, 2010

Backwards Copying: Reaching the Singularity

Backwards Copying. That is the label I give people who think my thoughts, wear my clothes, or go to my destination before I do. It's basically my way of venting frustration when I have an original idea that someone has before me.

So earlier this summer I had this great idea. Reach the singularity by applying darwinian principles in a computer environment. Give the computer survival tasks from the bottom-up that require it to acquire sensory intelligence, coordination, problem-solving, and language. Start basic and slowly move up. Start with a simple computer program, assign it a task, and the more successful it is at completely the task the more likely it is to survive and reproduce. When it reproduces, introduce random mutations into its program. Must will be immaterial or harmful, but sometimes a beneficial mutation will result. That beneficial mutation stays in the program and then a new generation is spawned. Great idea, right? I planned to start working on this in a few years in my basement once I had some capital flowing from my anticipated income as a lawyer.

Looks like I've been Backwards Copied. :-(

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