Sunday, August 8, 2010

Religious Musings: Maybe God Isn't So Ridiculous?

Yesterday I was in my backyard playing fetch with Lucy. We have one of those little UFO shaped grills and it was laying on its side with a few insects buzzing around it. I realized that the insects wouldn't treat it any differently if it was a hollow tree stump. The insects had no idea it was man made and no idea how or why the grill was there. All they knew is that it was a source of shelter and nutrition.

What if there was evidence of higher intelligence around me and I simply could not recognize it? If helium and nitrogen were natural elements but hydrogen and oxygen were artificially created by a higher intelligence how would I know? What sorts of clues could I look for to see what parts of my world might have been shaped by a higher intelligence?

By drawing an analogy to the round, metallic grill I speculated that evidence of complex engineering would be tend to suggest involvement by a higher power. After all, engineering is simply a combination of intelligence and environmental manipulation. Since our entire universe is organized by the law of physics into complex shapes and reactions (including our own biology), I found it interesting that maybe the notion that our universe was created by a higher power wasn't so crazy.

Of course, this isn't to say that the complexity of our universe is proof of a higher intelligence. If that conclusion was a necessary implication, then the intelligence that engineered our universe would have to have been engineered by another intelligence, and so forth into perpetuity. Assuming our universe was engineered by a higher intelligence, this doesn't necessarily prove the existence of a Judeo-Christian God. It would suggest with equal likelihood, for example, that we are part of a Matrix-style Simulation.

Also my speculation that evidence of higher intelligence could/would come in the form of evidence of complex engineering could be incomplete or wrong.

All flaws considered, I thought it was an interesting thought worth sharing nonetheless.

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